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Elements of AI Course

This page is the landing page for Element of AI course.

Welcome to the Elements of AI Course


Hi 👋! Welcome to the Elements of AI Course hosted by the GBC Library.

About the Elements of AI Course

The Elements of AI is a series of free online courses created by MinnaLearn and the University of Helsinki and hosted by the Goldey-Beacom College library. We want to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to learn what AI is, what can (and can’t) be done with AI, and how to start creating AI methods. The courses combine theory with practical exercises and can be completed at your own pace.

Completing the Course, and Earning a Badge

Once you complete the course, you will earn a certificate. To demonstrate to us you have completed the course, and to earn a badge, please upload the certificate in the form below.


Getting Started:

To start the course, Elements of AI, sign up with your "" email address. Then proceed through the modules in order. 

Note: you must complete the quiz at the end of each module to earn a certificate and a badge. You may return to this page anytime you wish.

Module Order

Chapter 1 What is AI?

Chapter 2 AI Problem Solving

Chapter 3 Real World AI

Chapter 4 Machine Learning

Chapter 5 Neural Networks

Chapter 6 Implications

Proof of Completion

Click the link for the completion form.